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DEADLINE: April 22, 2024

For any questions, please contact Skippy Mardon

  • The student must be eligible in his/her chosen age group as of June 1, 2024.

  • Each entry is assumed to be the original work of the individual whose name appears on the entry form. Any infraction of this regulation would result in the disqualification of the entry.

  • Entries may not be returned to the contestants after judging.

  • All rights to his/her original work will be retained by the contestant; however, by entering the competition, you agree that your compositions(s) may be published, recorded and available to be downloaded for public use from the CFMTA websites, or employed by the NSRMTA and CFMTA for publicity purposes after consultation with the contestant.

  • First place compositions at the Provincial Level will be entered in the National competition sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association, and all fees will be covered by the Provincial NSRMTA.

  • Contestants must be students of a current member of the NSRMTA.

  • The Adjudicator’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into after the judging.

  • Photocopy the piece and save a copy for yourself.

  • Write the Title of the composition on EVERY PAGE and NUMBER the pages. For example, if there are three pages, they should be numbered 1/3, 2/3,  3/3

  • Number every 10th measure

  • DO NOT write the composer’s name on the composition -- only the title of the piece.

  • Use a computer or write neatly by hand.

  • Scan the composition and email both the composition and the application form (see below) to

  • Payments by E-Transfer/ Cheque

  • E-Transfer - Send to Password should be "composition"

  • Cheque- Mail to Laura Marriott 3376 Connaught Ave, Halifax, NS B3L 3B5

  • Entries will NOT be accepted without payment


Entry Fees

  • CLASS P1, P2 (8 years and under) NS Entry Fee $8

  • CLASS A1, A2 (11 years and under) NS Entry Fee $10

  • CLASS B1, B2 (15 years and under) NS Entry Fee $12

  • CLASS C (19 years and under) NS Entry Fee $18

  • CLASS D (Open, NO Age Limit) NS Entry Fee $20

Please Note

  • CLASS P1, A1, B1 = Piece for one or more instruments

  • CLASS P2, A2, B2 = Piece for Voice with words (may include instrumental accompaniment)

For any questions or problems , contact Skippy Mardon, 902-477-4266 or

Download The Student Composer Competition Form By Clicking Here: 

Student Composer Competition 2024
  • Rules for the Provincial Competition are set by the Provincial NSRMTA

  • Rules for the National Competition are similar to the Provincial and available at the CFMTA Website

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