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Please click the links below for more detailed information about our association and how to become a member!

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Joining us at NSRMTA is a simple process. 


We have a number of different membership types for music teachers, students and those interested in music education and supporting the purposes and objects of the Association. Please see the membership form which, when completed, needs to be sent, along with your supporting documents to our Registrar, Laura Marriott, at 


By joining you become part of a professional association of music teachers who have attained substantiated educational credentials and teaching experience, as well as a ready group of mentors and colleagues to work collaboratively with. 


What are the benefits of being a member? You are also automatically a member of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association ( CFMTA), you have access to group liability insurance for your studio, marketing materials, professional development, competition opportunities for your students ...and much more. 


Please look into becoming a member.


We would be happy to have you!

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Registration Process

Joining the NSRMTA is simple!

The entire process should take no more than 2 weeks.

  • Fill out and send in a completed on-line or printed application form (See links below) and your supporting documents to our Registrar, Laura Marriott, at the following email address:

  • Our registrar will contact you within 5 business days

  • Provide any additional materials that are requested

  • Receive a response from our registrar within 5 business days of submitting your information

  • Please feel free to contact our Registrar Laura Marriott if you need help in navigating the NSRMTA Website or Application process. We are committed to making the process welcoming and inclusive.

IMPORTANT Note for International Applicants

  • Please note that all supporting documentation and credentials must be provided in English and/or French. It is the applicant’s responsibility to translate any materials prior to submission. The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with translation, securing documentation, and sending materials to the NSRMTA.  

  • Documentation and credentials from recognized institutions outside of Canada will be received and potentially accepted in the same manner as Canadian credentials. Unique circumstances will be assessed individually (if needed) by NSRMTA's Internal Review Committee on a case by case basis.

IMPORTANT Note Regarding References

If you do not currently have two references from Canadian RMTs, please contact us to discuss alternatives. Options may include former professors/teachers/examiners.

Transfer Members

Are you a CFMTA Member in another province or territory? 

Email our Registrar, Laura Marriott at to set up a transfer!

Request for Registration Records

After documentation has been submitted, applicants may apply to the Registrar for access to their registration records. There will be a $25 fee for this service. There is a two year limit from date of original application on requests for Registration Records

Unsuccessful Applications

If an Application is unsuccessful (after alternative categories for membership have been explored), the applicant will be provided with written reasons for their denied application. 

The applicant will then (if they so choose) have recourse to the NSRMTA Independent Review Body (An internal review mechanism separate from the initial Registration process.) This review process will take a maximum of six weeks from date of request and the applicant will receive a written and final response from the Review Body within that six-week timeline.

During the review process, the applicant will be contacted by e-mail and will have opportunity to provide any new evidence or documentation which may support their application.

 *Please note, our Registrar does not sit on the Independent Review Body.*

Violin Practice
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Young Musician

Membership Criteria

Active Membership is open to anyone who:

  1. is over eighteen years of age; and

  2. has been teaching in a professional capacity for at least two years; and

  3. passes recognition of certification (music degrees or diplomas equivalent to that of a teaching/performing associate or licentiate from any School of Music, Conservatory, or University); or

  4. is a member in good standing of a Registered Music Teachers’ Association of a Province, other than Nova Scotia, who presents a Transfer of Membership Form; or

  5. is an Affiliate Level 1 or 2 with at least ten years in good standing with NSRMTA and can provide three letters of recommendation from parents/former students and colleagues demonstrating quality of teaching and/or performance.

Active Members shall be entitled to use the designation “Registered Music Teacher” or the abbreviation “R.M.T.”

Affiliate Membership is open to anyone who:

  1. is receiving training in music to fulfill the requirements for Active Membership

    and is teaching or intending to teach music;

  2. if applying for Affiliate Membership Level 1, the applicant has achieved Grade X level, or its equivalent from any School of Music, Conservatory, or University; or

  3. if applying for Affiliate Membership Level 2, the applicant achieved Grade IX level, or its equivalent, from any School of Music, Conservatory, or University; or

  4. if applying for Affiliate Membership Level 3, the applicant has achieved Grade VIII level, or its equivalent from any School of Music, conservatory or university.

Affiliate Members shall not be entitled to use the designation “Registered Music Teacher” or the abbreviation “R.M.T.” Affiliate Membership status shall not be transferable to other provinces.


All Active and Affiliate members shall be able to vote and hold office at the age of 18.

Auxiliary Membership

In addition to Active Members and Affiliate Members, the Association may elect Auxiliary Members who are persons who are not music teachers but are music publishers, owners or managers of music stores, music librarians, piano technicians, or representatives of music festivals.

Auxiliary Members shall not be entitled to use the designation “Registered Music Teacher” or the abbreviation “R.M.T.” Auxiliary Members shall pay dues and be registered with the CFMTA; but they shall not vote or be eligible to hold office, nor shall Auxiliary Member status be transferable to other provinces.

Honorary Auxiliary Members are persons who may be so elected at the Annual General Meeting upon

recommendation of the Council in recognition of their service to the Association, or in recognition of their special service in, or their special interest in, any field of art. They shall pay no dues, nor shall they be registered with CFMTA.

International Membership

International membership is open to Canadians living outside Canada and nationals of other countries.

International members will not have the right to vote, hold office, or enter students in NSRMTA competitions. They will be members of CFMTA.

Retired Teacher Membership

This category is open to any retired music teacher who was previously a member in good standing with NSRMTA. These members are not required to carry liability insurance, but may vote and hold office. Membership is not transferable to another Province.

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New Membership Registration

If you are interested in joining the NSRMTA please fill out our online form (link below) or you may also download and complete our application form and email it along with your supporting documents to our Registrar, Laura Marriott, at the following email address:

Membership Payments

Membership payments can be made via e-transfer to Laura Marriot at or can be mailed via cheque to Laura Marriott at 3376 Connaught Ave, Halifax NS B3L 3B5. Please make your cheque payable to the NSRMTA.

Membership costs are as follows:

  1. - New Member & Reinstated Member Fee (Mandatory) $20.00

  2. - Registered Music Teacher (RMT) $160.00

  3. - Affiliate (not RMT) $150.00

  4. - Auxiliary (not RMT) $85.00

*RMT and Affiliate fees include the $60 mandatory liability insurance. If you already have liability insurance, please contact the registrar at to have the fee waived.

Female Pianist
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Music Performer

Membership Renewal

If you are currently a member of the NSRMTA and would like to renew your membership please click this link below to be taken to our "Members" page.


Questions can be directed to the NSRMTA Registrar, Laura Marriott at

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