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South Shore

Here are our members in the South Shore region.

Please click on a faculty members name for more information.

Janet Atwood – Yarmouth
analysis, harmony, history, pedagogy, piano, rudiments

Mimi Bradshaw - Yarmouth

Marina Edgar
piano, rudiments

Dr. Bethany Turpin - Yarmouth
aural musicianship, history, pedagogy, piano, rudiments, voice

Karen Turpin – Yarmouth
analysis, accompaniment, harmony, history, piano, rudiments

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Janet Atwood

Analysis, Harmony, History, Pedagogy, Piano, Rudiments

517 Lakeside Road
Dayton  NS  B5A 5K3


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Mimi Bradshaw

Piano, Sight Reading

Born in Japan in 1959 Mimi has a BMus from Kunitachi School of Music in Tokyo AVCM (Associate Victoria Conservatory of Music) where she received a Piano Teacher Training Award. 


She taught piano at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in B.C. 2000-2007.   In 2007 she and her husband moved to Gabriola island B.C. , where she continued teaching. 


She also established Gabriola Women’s Gregorian Chant Choir. 


Mimi teaches piano to all ages. She also teaches the Solfège method of sight reading.

46 Albert St.

Yarmouth  NS  B5A 3N6


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Marina Edgar

Piano, Rudiments

167 Waterloo St
PO Box 895
Liverpool, NS  B0T 1K0


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Dr. Bethany Turpin

aural musicianship, history, pedagogy, piano, rudiments, voice
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Karen Turpin

Analysis, Accompaniment, Harmony, History, Piano, Rudiments

54 Hibernia St
Yarmouth, NS  B5A 2M6

Phone: 902-742-3278

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