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NSRMTA Scholarship Competition

NSRMTA 2024 Scholarship Competition Announcement 


The competition is open to students or children of NSRMTA members who are residents of

Nova Scotia in any instrument or voice. 

Date: May 25-26, 2024 
Locations: TBA 
Due Date for Competition Form and Fees: April 15, 2024. There will be no extension of the
Registration forms can be found on our forms page - Click Here
Categories, Time Limits and Fees: 

Competitors are divided into categories based on the RCM grading system. ALL fees go
towards the prize money and running of the competition. Separate divisions, based on
instrument, may be offered if there are a large number of competitors in a particular

There is a limit of 2-3 pieces ONLY. Time limits and entry fees for each category are listed
Note: There are different requirements and a separate application form for Advanced
Vocal Competitors. 

  • Preliminary - up to and at Grade 4 : 5 minutes, entry fee $35 ​

  • Junior - up to and at Grade 6 : 5 - 10 minutes, entry fee $40 ​

  • Intermediate - up to and at Grade 8: 10 - 15 minutes, entry fee $45 ​

  • Senior - up to and at Grade 10: 15 - 20 minutes, entry fee $50 ​

  • Advanced - at ARCT level or Undergraduate level: 20 - 30 minutes, entry fee $65  

Prize Money: Advanced $750, Senior $325, Intermediate $175, Junior $100, Preliminary
All students can perform up to the allotted time limit. Students who perform over the time
limit will be asked to stop. Students are to perform a varied and stylistically contrasting
mini recital (set of 2-3 pieces) within the time limit. Students may perform one piece at a

level one grade higher. It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that their student is
entered in the correct category for their level. It is then the responsibility of the Scholarship
Competition Committee to ensure that the guidelines are met for each category. In the case
that a student is entered in the incorrect category for their repertoire grade level, the
Scholarship Competition Committee will contact the teacher to inform them of this error.
Pieces may be from a currently recognized syllabus, but this is not a requirement. Please,
no concerti for piano and no unnecessary repeats. The choice of appropriate repertoire will
be taken into consideration in choosing the winner for each category. 

Please ensure that if you require piano accompaniment that you arrange this yourself and
provide the name and details on your registration form. 

Coaching during the performance is not permitted and will lead to disqualification. 
Performance opportunities for the winners of each category will be offered at the
NSRMTA Annual General Meeting. 
Adjudicators will be announced at a later date. 

If restrictions allow an audience to be present, there is a $5 admission fee (for adults only)
at the door, to hear all performances for the day.

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