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M.A. Lexie Blackler
piano, rudiments

Buğra Gültek
piano, pedagogy, history, rudiments

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M.A. Lexie Blackler

Piano and Rudiments to all ages

39 Mountainview Dr
Bailleyville, Maine, USA

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Buğra Gültek

Piano, Pedagogy, History, Rudiments

Buğra Gültek is an experienced piano teacher, author and editor. After graduation from Janacek Academy of Music (Czech Rep.) as a piano teacher with the highest grade under tutelage of well known piano pegadogues Prof. Alena Vlasakova and Prof. Josefa Hlouskova, he finished his Masters degree on music education at Gazi University (Turkey).

For almost twenty years, Gültek has been teaching piano in different positions as well as in his own private studios located in Ankara and Bodrum with his wife, also a piano teacher, Sezil Gültek. Their branch studio in Bodrum had been an exam center for the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (UK) for many years.

Buğra Gültek is a well known author and editor of piano books, mainly on the history and pedagogy of the instrument. His books have been major reference sources mainly for the conservatories, music schools and pedagogy faculties. Gültek was the editor of Schott’s “The European Piano Method – Emonts” eastern European version sold in Turkey, Czechia and Slovakia. His edition of Czerny op. 599 was printed as a bilingual book and was distributed by Schott-Panton and Barenreiter Praha to Czech Republic for many years. These international achievements brought him the Donizetti Award in 2013.

He has been a column writer of piano pedagogy in Andante classical music magazine (a member of ICMA) for almost ten years. Since 2011, he was invited to give seminars and conferences about the piano and its pedagogy to many institutions, as well as the prestigious Antalya International Piano Festival.
Gültek also holds the Licentiate diploma in pianoforte teaching of University of West London, London College of Music and holds the title of LLCM TD. He is a registered piano teacher of this institution. His pupils, from preperatory to diploma levels, has shown significant achievements in ABRSM and LCM piano and music theory examinations.

As well as his regular piano lessons to all levels including exam preperations, Buğra Gültek is teaching and advising pianoforte teaching diploma candidates both in his studio and online via video conference.

Asikpasa Mah.
Vedat Dalokoy Cad
3713 GOP Ankara, Turkey 06670

+90 533-225-8956

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Ana Ortúzar

 Early Childhood, Voice, Aural Musicianship, Pedagogy, Rudiments, Konnakkol (South Indian Rhythm) / Indian Music Pedagogy / Carnatic Vocal

Ana is a singer, music therapist, educator, and author with experience in world music pedagogies. 


She graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles California, has a Master's Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Barcelona, and a specialization in Music Pedagogy from Shankar Mahadevan Academy in Bangalore, India. She also has a major in Konnakkol and studies Carnatic Music under the guidance of Vidushi Tejaswini MK (Carnatic vocal) and Sri. BR Somashekar Jois (Konnakkol). 


Ana is a certified Konnakkol teacher (Konnakkol = the South Indian rhythmic system known for developing ultra-resistant rhythmic foundations in students and musicians of all levels). She also offers comprehensive voice training, taking a holistic approach that prioritizes vocal health while preparing singers to excel as competent musicians. 


She is the creator of Pakinda Musik and its unique children's music education program "The Land of Sounding Colors"® which skillfully uses storytelling to introduce children to the enchanting world of music. 



Recognizing the value Indian music has brought to her music career, and especially her teaching approach, Ana offers lessons and workshops on Indian Music Pedagogy for Western music educators interested in expanding their toolkits and incorporating new ideas into their own education systems. 


In conclusion, her dedication to music education knows no age limits. She works enthusiastically with both children and adults. Her teachings are based on the belief that music has the power to generate health and well-being, so she tailors each lesson to the specific needs, interests, and aspirations of her pupils. 


Ana's approach to music education transcends Western classical training, encompassing essential musical foundations and seamlessly integrating best practices from diverse global traditions. 


Throughout her career she has shared the stage with amazing musicians, such as Stevie Wonder; and she has participated in lessons and workshops from Mike Stern, Sofia Rei, TM Krishna, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Sriram Parasuram, and many others.


Ana's commitment to excellence and innovative methods make her an attractive choice for those seeking a transformative musical journey.



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