Summary and Update from Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer

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Summary and Update from Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Strang

From May 22 Meeting to the Arts & Culture Sector


Note: Though many arts organizations participated in the meeting, I will just address this summary from the vantage point of how it applied to music educators.


Dr. Strang began by presenting an overview of risks/benefits of re-opening the economy in Nova Scotia (See the attached presentation). They are looking for a SLOW approach – 28-day intervals between phases if it goes well.

  • In general, it is our responsibility to create work environments within our various communities which meet the public health guidelines. (details in presentation)
  • It is not the government’s wish (or ability) to review every studio’s plan for meeting those guidelines. Different settings will require different approaches. We each know the layout of our own facilities best and will have to adjust accordingly.
  • Our sector wasn’t actually told to shut down but, rather, the mandated health guidelines made it impossible for many of us to continue (as well as morally the right thing)
  • They are looking for everyone who can safely re-open, to do so - when announcements are made in early June. Begin with the lowest risk things. This will mean following the basic measures of:
    • Keeping social distance within our space
    • 5 people maximum
    • Frequent cleaning of high touch areas
    • Good hygiene – Wash hands, don’t touch face, etc.
    • Masks are an option
  • Right now, the rules are strict regarding the 5-person maximum. May increase to 10-15-25 late June, perhaps up to 50 by end of summer.
  • Particular comments which were made regarding singing:
    • Again, there has been no actual shut-down, but restrictions prevent it (with others)
    • Dr. Strang said on several occasions that singing is especially problematic because of the projection needed and hence, the greater spread of droplets, etc.
    • It makes a high-risk environment.
    • They are still looking at this... no decisions have been made

(This affects many organizations, theatres, schools, etc.)