Ms Bethany Turpin
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Subjects: Aural Musicianship, Pedagogy, Piano, Rudiments, Voice

Phone: 519-280-1670

155 Main Shore Rd
Milton Highlands, NS  B5A 5H1

I've been teaching and performing for over ten years. Trained as a classical (aka opera) singer, I've performed in operas, recitals, works with orchestra, and unaccompanied vocal works.

I really do believe music is for everyone. The human voice is an amazing artistic outlet accessible to nearly everyone, no expensive purchases necessary! Helping others feel comfortable and confident with their own unique voice is my passion. Whether you're into opera (unlikely), musical theatre, pop, contemporary, or other genres (more likely), I'm here to act as a guide on your exploration through music and singing.

Learning is my thing. This year I'm finally finishing my Doctor of Musical Arts degree (I'll be Dr. Beth!!) from the University of Western Ontario. My interdisciplinary research is about the psychology of being a singer and how singers relate to their own voices. I love my research and hope to continue it in the future. In my dreams, my research helps people better understand their relationship with their own voices and leads to better mental health and wellness for singers.

Growing as a music teacher is important to me. I'm always ravenously consuming new information to enhance my teaching and musicianship. In the past year alone, I've taken workshops on subjects like neurodiversity in the voice studio, ornamentation in Handel's arias, the child and adolescent voice, contemporary and pop techniques, and women's voices through menopause. What can I say? I'm a nerd!

If I could give my students one takeaway from lessons with me, it's that their voice is enough as it is, beautiful and interesting in its own wonderful way, and that their art and expression is worth sharing.

Whether you're looking for a voice teacher or a singer to collaborate with, I hope you'll reach out!