Michelle Cook
Affiliate Member

Piano, Rudiments


1115 Route 330
Cape Sable Island  NS  BOW 2GO

Michelle has loved making music since she was a young child.  She is forever grateful to her parents and the teachers that made a lifelong love of music possible.

While growing up in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Michelle had many chances to experience music.  She learned to play ukulele, recorder, tenor saxophone, flute and even tried her hand at the trumpet, baritone, and double bass.  Many thanks to Mrs. Pitman at Arcadia Consolidated School, Gordon Rothwell at Maple Grove Education Centre and John and Nancy Hood at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School for their time and expertise.

Michelle received a solid foundation through the Music For Young Children Program, taught in Yarmouth by Iris Hayes.  After graduating the MYC program, Michelle spent many happy years studying with Loma Cole.

After High School, Michelle lived in several small towns, and studied with various piano teachers: Betty Weatherby in Sussex, New Brunswick, Nancy Harris in Houlton, Maine, Stephanie Burgoyne in Fredericton, New Brunswick and a too short time with Lynn Johnston in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Each teacher helped shape and encourage Michelle’s musical ambitions.

After living in several small towns, and traveling long hours to bigger cities for music training, Michelle realized how fortunate she had been to have so many qualified, dedicated music teachers close to her home in Yarmouth.  So, she decided to commit herself to provide quality music education to rural areas. Currently, she is preparing for an ARCT examination with Janet Atwood in Yarmouth.

Michelle now lives in Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, where she enjoys teaching piano and leading a children’s choir.  When not working or practicing piano, Michelle still occasionally blows a note on her flute and saxophone, and enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys.