Michael Coburn
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Subjects: Piano

56 Tuscany Run
Timberlea, NS B3T 0L3

Phone: 403-714-1274
Email: michael.a.coburn@gmail.com
Website: https://coburnpianostudio.ca

64 Briarwood Cres
Halifax, NS B3M 1P4

I am an experienced teacher, festival adjudicator, and performer offering lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced piano students, as well as theory. My focus is on fostering self-confidence and musical artistry by developing the control which allows for fluent self-expression. I bring energy and enthusiasm to each lesson as I support students in creatively searching for solutions and celebrating their successes.

Why do I love teaching? Because I want every student of mine to know how amazing they are as a person. I want to help them discover that if making music is interesting to them, they can absolutely do it and do it well. I want them to come to know that their self-improvement is inevitable when they are consistently focused on moving towards their goals. I want them to see first-hand that no matter how well they play, they can always find improvement. Perfection is a myth, and that is a beautiful thing because they can always keep learning. But most of all, I teach because when an interested student is regularly taking steps towards their goals, it is fun for everyone.

I have been teaching for nearly twenty years and adjudicating for a decade. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance with Distinction from the University of Calgary where I was featured as a soloist with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and an ARCT diploma from the Royal Conservatory. Before teaching piano lessons in Halifax, I worked in Calgary as the Piano Faculty Director at Chinook School of Music, the Director of Music at Parkdale United Church, and the Artistic Director of Cum Vino Cantus Choir.