Memories of Tietje Zonneveld

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I did not know Tietje but I heard her play piano many years ago and was very impressed with her playing. I heard from others she was an amazing gifted teacher.

My condolences to her family.

Meg Johnson


I studied with Tietje for two years back in the 1970’s when I was a teenager. I especially remember the work we did together on Debussy’s “La fille aux cheveux de lin”. She taught me how to craft my dynamics to make the melody “sing” with such passion. It was a skill I have treasured over all of these years and tried to pass along to my own students. Tietje was an intuitive teacher and a fine musician. She also had two wonderful cats, back then, that I looked forward to visiting with in her kitchen each week as I waited for my lesson. - Pamela Freeman ~ Gilbert

I would be delighted to say some words about Tietje. She was one of my first teachers when I first moved to Halifax from Toronto in the early 70s.  She was always kind and very patient.  Many years later, after I became a piano teacher myself, she would often come over to my studio and conduct master classes for my advanced students, who were preparing for their ARCT or level 10 exams.  Her professionalism and expertise were always greatly appreciated by my students and me.  She will be missed.  She followed me as President of the Halifax Chapter, and she gave much of her time to help our Association. Our teachers greatly appreciated her pedagogical insights at the many workshops she gave over the years.  Thank you Tietje for your generous spirit and great sense of humour.

She will be missed Paula for sure.


Dear Paula,

Thank you for sharing the sad news of Tietje Zonneveld’s passing. Tietje was a true friend and mentor who guided and encouraged me as I began my career as a professional musician.

Take care,

Hello Paula,

A few words about Tietje: I had the privilege to study with Tietje where I learned many techniques which I have passed on to my students.  I witnessed her natural ability to communicate with students at master classes.  She even made it fun and passionate.  Music was her life.  She was a great friend and will be missed by many.


Thanks for asking for this, Paula.

Titi was so encouraging and inspiring for me when I first moved to Nova Scotia in 1987 - both as a teacher and performer. I remember many workshops and master classes that she presented in my early days here, and also her performances as a collaborative pianist. One year we played the 2-piano part together for Carmina Burana. That was so much fun and I was so honoured to perform with her! She had a deep understanding of musical principles that inspired every student who ever worked with her to find their genuine expression in music. I will miss her sense of humour and her wisdom. She was unique and irreplaceable.

Diana Torbert