Dr. Lorna Wanzel
Life Member

Private piano and theory lessons, from Beginner to ARCT levels.  Group theory classes.  These include Harmony, Counterpoint, Music History, Analysis, Piano Pedagogy, Rudiments and Composition.  Dr. Wanzel is also a Clinician, Researcher, Adjudicator, Examiner and Coach



6158 Lawrence St.
Halifax  NS  B3L 1J6

Dr. Lorna Wanzel grew up in England. She now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she maintains a very successful private piano theory teaching studio.  She has over 40 years of experience teaching piano skills, theory rudiments, history of music, harmony, counterpoint, analysis composition and piano pedagogy to students of all ages and levels.  She is an experienced examiner, clinician, adjudicator and researcher.

Dr. Wanzel is a former President of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations and Past President of the Nova Scotia Registered Music teachers’ Association.  She started the NSRMTA Research Group, the first of its kind in the world, and has presented research papers on various topics, including motivation and retention of students in the private music studio.  She has presented research papers at music education conferences in Australia, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, China, Greece, UK, USA and Canada.  She is a recipient of the prestigious CFMTA Distinguished Teachers Award and has been made a Life Member of the NSRTMA.

Dr. Wanzel’s Master of Arts Degree thesis “Private Piano Pedagogy and Educational Theory” was completed at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia and her Doctor of Education thesis “Independent Music Teachers Building Professional Knowledge Through Collaborative Research” was completed at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.