Dr Bethany Turpin
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Subjects: Aural Musicianship, History, Pedagogy, Piano, Rudiments, Voice, Speech, Acting, Role Study and Stage Presence

Phone: 519-280-1670
Email: bethanyturpinmusicstudio@gmail.com
Website: bethanyturpin.com
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2 Seminary St
Yarmouth, NS B5A 2B3

Hi! My name is Bethany Turpin, and I teach music! Voice, piano, and musicianship skills, to be exact.

I am a singer, performer, conductor, and teacher located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I love it here! Although I didn’t grow up in Yarmouth, I came here many summers as a kid to visit grandparents and extended family. This is home.

I’ve performed in many operatic roles, and my particular passions are unaccompanied vocal music, contemporary classical music, and music from the Romantic era. In the last few years I’ve been exploring musical theater and folk styles and they feel like a warm blanket for my voice.

I’ve been teaching and performing for over ten years. Because I enjoyed performing so much, I’d never considered teaching until I found myself working part-time at a local music school. When I started teaching in 2010, I was shocked at how much I loved it! As soon as a student walked into my studio, I knew this was for me. Time seemed meaningless, I was completely focused on the moment, on helping the student in front of me, and on rejoicing with them in their discoveries and adventures.

I grew up singing. My whole family is very musical, although I’m the only formally trained musician. We had a repertoire of songs for family road trips, and spontaneously bursting into song is extremely normal at my parents’ house.

I recently finished my Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music from Western University. If you’re ready for a TED talk, you can ask me about my thesis research 😉 The short version is: I started developing a theoretical framework for how singers think about their voices. It’s sort of like body image, but for your voice.

My background is in classical singing, and I’ve studied vocal pedagogy at the masters and doctoral level. I love learning, being curious, and I am a super-nerd when it comes to singing! My university training has been an amazing foundation for understanding singing, but I knew I wanted to teach more than Western classical music! In the last few years I’ve done workshops on things like:

  • Contemporary and pop singing
  • Musical theatre belting
  • Neurodiversity in the voice studio
  • Ornamentation of Baroque arias
  • Teaching children in group classes
  • Jazz singing